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Frisches Obst

EISENLAGER on Kalamine Records

Selbstverteidigung gegen frisches Obst


1. Selbstverteidigung gegen frisches Obst 04:12

2. Nordschleife 1964 09:07

3. Proklamation der überfälligen Entschuldigung 05:41

4. Wie man in hysterischen Zeiten überlebt 07:33

5. Meine Welt lag in Trümmern! 10:54

6. Gesichter des Bösen, ok! 07:40

7. Verlassen sie sofort den gesicherten Bereich 08:16

8. Industrial Menschen haben mitunter viele Gesichter 05:58

9. Menschen und Außerirdische Wesen 05:27

10. Der Abgrund in mir 07:26

recorded 10/2019 studio eierkochautomat 




EISENLAGER I,Eternal! COUM Transmissions VW POLO

if i sit down in my little VW POLO one tomorrow, year of construction 1993 and then i am killed by a really big car, then here are some albums that i could not publish. this is the reason why i release an album very quickly, although i only recently released an album. is that a good argument? I dont know. always this urged to justify himself. no matter. experimental - collab. Thank you.

COUM Transmissions


by EISENLAGER I,Eternal!

1.Transmedia Explorations 20:00

2.Absolute Elsewhere 18:20

3.Ho-Ho-Funhouse 16:39

4.Disintegration of Fact 26:36


psychedelic, dark, electric, homage, come on this trip from Christian Fiesel and EISENLAGER, thanks to Katatonia for The Black Sessions


1. Somehow i never leave this deadhouse 16:39

2. Somehow i don't mind being gone 19:15

3. And if you really think you've seen me 18:03

4. I'll have to prove you that you're wrong 07:39



this is a call to all my friends and to all people who read this. SEND ME YOUR VOICE. short, long, no matter. recorded with microphone, smartphone or what you like. reading somethink, speaking, singing, no matter. format, no matter. one rule, name please the file with your name. send it to midnightradio11@gmail.com use wetransfer or what you like. i will use it for different Eisenlager albums in the future. your name will be in the credits. if you dont like to be in credits you can tell me and you will be anonymos. regards, glasklinge zeitenlicht EISENLAGER


Hello friends, now it s tim e for experimen tal. Germany is calling. Thank you and take care of you. Regards, EISENLAGER glasklinge zeitenlicht eierkochautomat.


1.  Wir lagen träumend im Gras 07:25

2. Ein Meer von Licht und Farben 08:18

3. und alle Glocken klangen 05:56

4. Das war ein schwerer Tag 07:54

5. Mit Liebe wird alles gut 10:21

6. Doch aus den Joints da wurden Trips 07:25

7. Am Tag als Conny Cramer nochmal starb 11:20